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There are currently 7 books in the Magnificent Dancing Circle Snails series, with book 7 available any day! 

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Book 7

It never stops for the Magnificent Dancing Circle Snails. The adventures just keep on finding them, even when they don't want to be found!

In the seventh collection of fun snail capers, they receive visitors come from a colourful, sunny island, and from high up in the Alps. What will these two very different places teach our dance crew about the world?

Then there's the strange sneezing snail, who turns up looking for help one day, as well as some game-loving snails with an important message.

Most shocking of all is when the snails' garden is stormed by superfans! Not even a pandemic could discourage them. Is this another job for the Thunder Snails?

And you'll never believe how, once upon a time, some particularly slow snails threatened the entire animal kingdom.

Ups and Downs

Book 6

New dances, new food, a new hero, new adventures, all in this new collection of stories about your favourite group of musical molluscs!
The Dancing Circle Snails are once again destined for excitement and fun as they’re visited by a parade of colourful characters from far and wide. There are plenty of new faces, as well as the return of some old friends too, if the snails can make room for one particularly oversized chum ... and her whole family! And, of course, the brave and bold Thunder Snails drop in for some of their famous heroics.
The Circle Snails’ fame draws visitors from all over, in fact so many that it starts to attract the WRONG kind of attention, more than once. What if the Circle Snails are too magnificent for their own good?

Book 5.jpg
Snail Guardian Adventures

Book 5

Magnificent laughs and adventures in three parts. 
We know Trixie, Ella and Lizzy Parsley as the amazing guardians of a troupe of dancing snails. But if you thought snail-wrangling was strange, wait until you step into their dreams with them, where roads lead to nowhere and all is not what it seems. The girls will need to work together as a team to stay safe and return home. 
Then there’s many a funny story from the Parsleys’ lives: A dog walk that takes an unexpected – and smelly – turn. Or there’s that time that Nala the Alsatian caused havoc across the land with her dodgy digestive system. Not to mention the case of the runaway reptile ...  
And the zany cases of the chicken counsellor, barking dog trainer and a chicken missing its ‘do’ bring a touch of Monty Python into the mix to tickle readers of all ages. 

Calendar Snails

Book 4

It’s been a thrilling ride so far for the Magnificent Dancing Circle Snails! Once just an ordinary bunch of snails, they now shot to worldwide fame thanks to some help from their human friends. With their stellar celebrity status came lots of terrific adventures and new friends. Surely it must be time for a well-earned rest now?
But as a new year begins, there’s a whole lot more in store for this shell-wearing dance troupe. The Circle Snails are about to find themselves slap-bang in the middle of the many wonderful festivals and celebrations happening throughout the year. From haggis to dancing dragons, and from maypoles to rockets, they’ll experience it all.
Join them for a tremendous year-long party through the seasons of Britain. As Joey would say, it’s going to be ‘cool!’ 

Dreams and Thunder Snails

Book 3

Meet the Magnificent Dancing Circle Snails who live in the Parsley family garden. Follow the snails’ adventures as they meet other groups and sample new cultures through dance, food (picnics) and celebration and when needing help are rescued by the Thunder Snails. Become a Snail Guardian

More Adventures of the Magnificent Dancing Circle Snails

Book 2

Life is never dull in the Parsley family’s garden, particularly when it’s home to the Magnificent Dancing Circle Snails. Every day brings new friends to meet, new things to learn and, of course, new dances to practise! As their fame spreads, snail visitors come from far and wide, and even Santa Snail drops in to say hello. But things aren’t always easy, and perhaps there are problems that not even the Thunder Snails can solve.

The Magnificent Dancing Circle Snails

Book 1

They were just an ordinary bunch of snails, minding their own business in the Parsley family’s garden. That was, until a young girl befriended them and taught them a few things. Now they’re the Magnificent Dancing Circle Snails!
As the Circle Snails’ reputation spreads far and wide, adventure comes their way time and time again in the form of snail visitors from all over. There is many a new friend to be made, many a new food to be sampled . . . and many a new way to celebrate!
But even famous and talented snails aren’t free from danger and peril, and before long the group will have to call on a rather daring bunch of heroes, as well as discovering their own courage within.
Have they got what it takes to be world-famous superstars?

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