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Snail Guardians


Date line: about 2005ish.
Young Trixie Parsley regularly collects snails in her garden and puts them in a circle.

If they decide to ‘slither off’ she returns them to their spot. Some snails decide to stay put in the circle formed.
Trixie uses her index finger to form a circle of eight.
Some snails slither and follow her finger. Within a short space of time 11 snails are slithering to her whim.
Trixie gives them names. They meet up every afternoon! Trixie tells her family about her snails and how they dance for her!
Trixie finds some string, a stick and a nail and after brushing an area outside the greenhouse steps flat, she scribes a circle, a snail Dance Arena. 

The family come to watch.

Dad suggests a name for her snails: Circle Snails! 

Trixie loves that name and the 11 snails slither into their new Arena and life changes and they meet other snails and start to learn about a life beyond waking, eating and watching out for birds and big feet.

Seven books to read as of November 2021.


Michael Read -Author

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Current Book, 7

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