Book 4 - Calendar Snails

It’s been a thrilling ride so far for the Magnificent Dancing Circle Snails! Once just an ordinary bunch of snails, they now shot to worldwide fame thanks to some help from their human friends. With their stellar celebrity status came lots of terrific adventures and new friends. Surely it must be time for a well-earned rest now?

But as a new year begins, there’s a whole lot more in store for this shell-wearing dance troupe. The Circle Snails are about to find themselves slap-bang in the middle of the many wonderful festivals and celebrations happening throughout the year. From haggis to dancing dragons, and from maypoles to rockets, they’ll experience it all.

Join them for a tremendous year-long party through the seasons of Britain. As Joey would say, 'it’s going to be ‘cool!’




  • January 25th  2019: A Burns Night Celebration with Scottish Snails

  • February  5th  2019: Chinese New Year: Year of the Pig

  • March 1st  St David’s Day with Welsh Snails

  • March 17th St Patrick’s Day with Irish Snails

  • April 23rd  St George’s Day, an English Celebration

  • May 1st  May Day

  • August Harvest Time 

  • October 27th  2019 Diwali, Indian Festival of Light 

  • October 31st Halloween

  • November 5th Bonfire Night Rescue!

  • November 28th 2019 Thanksgiving

  • Song: ‘Circle Snails’ Picnic’

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All the snails in the book have their names on their shells.


Cover Book 4 Calendar Snails
Burns Night. Robbie Snail
Chinese New Year
Irish Snails
Welsh Snails
May Day
Bonfire Night. November 5th
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