The Circle Snails’ garden. This is the garden where my granddaughters lived up until early 2016 so it exists in Whittlesea, Cambridgeshire. Obviously there is no ‘Trixie’sTunnel’ through the wall or a hole in the fence or a route through under the fence to the Norfolk’s garden. The Funeral Parlour is there still. And you would not see a snail Dance Arena. This is the base of all the Circle  Dancing Snails stories.
Puff Puff,
Shelly The Snailephant
Circus Police & Sniffer Snails
Thunder Snails
"The Magnificent Dancing Circle Snails" is the first book documenting the adventures of the Parsley family and the amazing group of snails which the children befriended in the garden!
Cover Book 1
Book 1
Garden Plan
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