The Magnificent Dancing Circle Snails

Trixie is nine years old,she is energetic, spontaneous, loves nature and has a real zest for life. She has two sisters, Ella and Lizzy, a deaf dog called Nala who unfortunately has flatulence problems, an American Terrier dog called Harvey, cats, tortoise named Austin who is lost in the garden somewhere and of course Mum and Dad.

One rainy day Trixie doesn’t know what to do with herself but when the rain clears up and her dad suggests she goes into the garden to see if there’s any wild life. Trixie decides to call this ‘Operation Nature’. It is on this operation that she meets the ‘Circle Snails’ whose lives she is about to change forever. You will be taken into the world of the ‘Circle Snails’ and their journey where they learn new cultures, meet other snail groups, dance the night away and even a couple of rescue emergencies. Aimed at children, this story takes you on a magical journey.

Michael Read is the author of The Magnificent Dancing Circle Snail series of children's books.
The Magnificent Dancing Circle Snails Book 2
The Magnificent Dancing Circle Snails Book 1.
Cover of The Magnificent Dancing Circle Snails. Calendar Snails Book 3.
The Magnificent Dancing Snails Book 4 Dreams and Thunder Snails!
Book  2 Bits Snail
Book 3.Cardonnay Circle's Dream
Book 2. Money Box Snail.
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Calendar Snails. May Day.
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Circle Snails: The Circus Police And Sniffer Snails
Nowhere Land
Circle Snail banner
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